Every year around the month of May or June Independence Blue Cross along with other company sponsors team up to promote the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia, this event raises funds for various summer programs. This event got it start in 1980 with a little over 2,000 runners, today, over 40,000 runners participate in this annual event.

It’s a ten-mile distant run that starts from Friends of Shevchenko Park in the Logan, which is the northern part of Philadelphia and ends at the Philadelphia Naval Yard the southern most part of Philadelphia.

I admire these marathoners for having the endurance to complete this race, I don’t even think I can jog one mile let alone ten miles.

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On a day out


Where do these steps lead, someplace I have yet to venture, I’ll take a look below to see what surprise awaits.


A sight I have not seen before, on my adventure walk, I have not ventured out this far.


Schuykill River, Fairmount Park

Schuykill River, Fairmount Park

I’m impress by what I see , thus far I keep walking to see what else is meant for me to see.

DSC01110 DSC01108 DSC01109

Sometimes a risk is worth to take, something new to experience, a new place to explore


One last picture for now, there are many more my camera has in stored.


Patience is a virtue

In my haste I made a change to this post, I forgot to link information about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.



There are many artists that are so deserving to be inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Even though there are some musicians who style I don’t particularly like are deserving because of their contribution to the industry. The rock and roll hall of frame was established in 1983 in Cleveland Ohio, designed to recognize notable musicians for their talents and contribution to the music industry. Out of curiosity I looked up this list, I don’t agree with all the inductees, but it was not up to me or was not my place to really decide. But I am glad that the music duo Hall and Oates are so deserving of this honor. It’s not because they are from Philadelphia, there have been musicians from this city which I think are not so good (or good at all), but that’s my opinion.

They “officially” got their start in the early 70’s and made it big on a song, my favorite song, “She’s Gone.” They continued to have a long career remaining loyal to their rhythm and blues style. They have made several top hits and are basically known for their most popular songs; “No Can Do,” “Private Eyes,” and “Maneater.”

I’m so happy that Hall and Oates are finally being recognized for their true talents and contribution to the music industry.

A Philly Event

Every year the Philadelphia and Firemen Association presents the Hero Thrill Show. This event first started in 1954. It’s a daring performing event that raises money towards the tuition for the children of Philadelphia police and fire fighters  killed in the line of duty.

Recently I had the pleasure of attending this event and took some pictures. This event usually takes place during the fall so if you are in Philadelphia or if you live in Philadelphia and looking for something for you or your family to do this event is nice and of course safe.

phillyshowfive phillyshowfour phillyshowone phillyshowseven phillyshowsix phillyshowthree



More than just a Park



Almost every city has it’s eye sore and beauty. Philadelphia is not alone. Traveling throughout this city you will see areas of abundance, thriving and plight. You will also see beauty one of which is historical Fairmount Park. Over 8,000 acres of landscape, hiking and bike trails, and millions of trees, this land rests on the banks of the Schuylkill River and extends through 60 neighborhoods through out the city including the metro area of Philadelphia.

Fairmount Park has many aspects including; Boathouse Row which hosts major regattas, Philadelphia Zoo, the beautiful azalea gardens, museums, two large outdoor amphitheaters, the Japanese Tea House and cherry blossoms and historical buildings. The existence of Fairmount Park began during what the period of the Centennial Exposition of 1876 which was the World Fair celebrating the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. A lot of planning and construction went toward this event. Buildings were constructed to exhibit the arts and manufacturing products.

So when you are traveling throughout Philadelphia, whether it’s Center City Philadelphia, University City/West Philadelphia or the Northeast you will see parts of this beautiful park. Each area has its own element; tennis courts, playground, hiking trail or picnic space. This is one stretch of the city that make Philadelphia proud.