Christmas for me…

I no longer celebrate the Christmas holidays the same way. I remember when I was younger during the “Christmas shopping season” (which started considerably later than Halloween) I looked forward when my friends and I would get together and shop for our families (and ourselves). We would make a day of this, starting early in the morning, have lunch, then shop some more and end the evening by listening to holiday music. Today, you could not pay me enough money to go shopping during “this season.” Maybe I’m a bit of a Scrooge or a Grinch, but I can tell you crowds unnerve me. My patience is very thin, it’s one of the few things that are thin other than my hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and nails.

Instead of shopping for the holidays I would rather sit, relax, drink my hot chocolate or coffee and watch other people bask in the festivities. I choose to do my shopping on those days that are more calming, relaxing, not so much hustle. Life is stressing enough with out adding stress to the holidays, I would like to enjoy this season as much as possible.


I Resolve to….

It’s already that time of year again. The New Year’s Resolution!  I’m not one for the “New Year’s Resolution.”  What does resolution really mean anyway?  I believe in making constant efforts in improving myself. Everyday I try to think more positive. I’m always reading positive affirmations, I admit reading inspiring affirmations can get overwhelming, sometimes I wonder if I truly believe in these sayings, but  a couple of things I have learned to do; one is to find one thing to which to be grateful, it could be simple such as being able to see the sunrise or being able to drink one cup of coffee, the other thing that I have learned is to do one thing or task that will make happy, this is usually easy too, sometimes it’s petting my cat, but mostly it’s taking photos of various scenery (Sometimes my cat can get quite ornery so I have to find some other thing to make me smile).

I would like to become a better writer. Everyday I make efforts to write something other than my to do list (which seems to get longer and longer, but I’m not complaining, really).

I do set goals, sometimes unrealistic like publishing a novel in 2 or 3 months, I don’t think is an obtainable goal for me, but it is a goal I would like to accomplish someday, but not 2 or 3 months. I’m always working on improving time management and I admit, sometimes I come very short in accomplishing this goal. But I am particularly proud that I’m making a conscious effort to read more often. I have created a Good-reads account to help me along with achieving this goal. Last year I was a bit too ambitious, I had set a goal of reading 70 books by the end of the year, well maybe it wasn’t too ambitious, I did come close, I read 60 books, not so bad. This year I set a goal to read 40 books, I’ve come short again, I’ve only read 27 books. Does the fact that some of the books I read were really large books of 400 pages or more? Okay…it’s just an excuse.

I do think setting goals are essential part of life, but I believe these goals should be realistic and obtainable. I think that we should be easy on ourselves, it’s okay for our goals to change, to be revamped, or “canned,” it doesn’t mean that we have failed, and so what, it’s okay to “fail,” as long as we don’t give up on life.

The Need to Tell All

In the age of social media; Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks sites, there seems to be a need to tell it all. A lot of people seem to be very eager to post their opinions, they can’t keep their opinions to themselves. There is a saying; “If you don’t have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.” People who have the urge to tell it all and to post everything that is on their minds, they really need to take a look at this saying and embed it to heart. It means keep your opinions to yourself.

What happened to writing in a journal or diary, every opinion has to be posted on social media. Every personal information has to be told. There was a time when people have something that is troubling to the mind people wrote their thoughts, opinions, ideas in a notebook, journal, or diary. But social media sites have changed this and some times people have to suffer consequences of their choices.

Recently a White House Official tweeted about President Obama’s daughters and was fired over these tweets. With all the news reports of people losing their jobs over hurtful posts about their jobs, bosses, or co-workers and you would think people would take notice and learn from this, but no, people continuously post thoughts that could be detrimental to their careers or personal life. When will it stop?

We must learn to take the moment to slow down, take a breath and think before typing our thoughts on social media sites and pressing the submit or enter button. Because once that button is pressed those thoughts are on cyberspace forever and anything typed can not be changed and can greatly affect our lives. If there is a need to type these thoughts, share these opinions, write it in a notebook, type it on the notes section of the phone, but most importantly we must learn to keep our thoughts to ourselves.

I know this much is true











“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”


It happens. We hear “stories” about a person that we love, known for a long time, trust, or admired and we can’t believe or don’t want to believe these “stories” are true. It could be about a loved one, a cherish, esteemed member of the community, an authority figure or even a celebrity. It can change the way we feel about that person, it can bring a feeling of extreme disappointment, but it reminds us about the realities of life, that we are human, we make mistakes, and the persons we loved, learned to love or thought we knew is not the person we who we thought.

The recent allegations (and that is what these stories are allegations until proven true) about Bill Crosby reminded me of how “truth” can change things. I remember when I was a teenager and was an active member of a Baptist Church there were “rumors” about the Pastor molesting young members of the church, when he finally admitted to this “charge” I found it hard to believe. This was a person who was trusted, held up on the “pedestal,” the last person in the world I would had thought that would do such a despicable act, but as I have learned to accept that no one is perfect, we are human, and some people have deep issues that need to be addressed at some point in their lives.

Although it may be disappointing or disheartening to hear harsh allegations such as rape, child abuse, etc., to be true, this is one of the lessons of life, the lesson that constantly reminds us that we never truly  know the heart of a person no matter the person’s popularity, fame, wealth, talent, or intelligence. Life constantly teaches us to put things in perspective and move on.

A time and a place

I’m not a very religious person. Although I grew up in a Christian home I don’t consider myself a Christian. I believe there’s a God, I believe there’s life after death, I even believe sometimes God gives me strength when I really want to slap someone beside the head, but this is not really about religion, I wrote this because occasionally I read the Daily Bread to get ideas and inspiration.

There is a saying, “There’s a time and place for everything,” and therefore there’s a time and place to speak. There are times we need to speak such as offer words of encouragement, giving advice, or trying to offer “words” of cheer. But there are also moments when trying to encourage or inspire are not appropriate, silence works better. It takes time to know when it is appropriate to encourage or inspire, it may be more suitable just to remain silent, hold the person’s hand, or maybe a hug.

Sure there are times when we should speak up and there are times when speaking up may not be wise, such as to “cuss” out a neighbor for being a nuisance. This may be a time to take a breath, take time to get the thoughts together so that the approach would be more comforting and less “stressful” or “dangerous.”

The important thing is to know the appropriateness when to speak up. Sometimes speaking or giving a speech may cause a more stressful situation, other times speaking up may make a situation comforting, inspiring. This is something we have to learn and a lot of times it takes listening to that voice inside our heads, our inner spirit, or intuition.

Sometimes I struggle knowing what to say, but I learn that sometimes I don’t have to say anything especially in those situations when the person is saddened or discouraged, a touch of the hand or a hug is more appreciated. Sometimes I don’t speak up enough, but in those situation, I know that if I do speak my mind it could it end bad. I know it’s a struggle for me, is it a struggle for you, knowing when to speak or not?


One of my favorite games as a child was the hula hoop and I have to say I was quite good at it, not excellent, which I was striving for, but good, and this eventually was good enough for me. The hula hoop was not just fun filled, but it was exercise, I really hated (and still do) exercising, but I really did not consider this to be exercising.

I use to be able to make this hula hoop move around my waist for a long time, not only did I master making this object move around my waist but I had eventually became adept with moving the hula hoop up and down several times without it hitting the ground.

Ask me to “conquer” this movement now would be impossible and laughable, but being able to do this is a memory that will put a smile on my face for years to come.