It was just a dream



My “dream” has finally come true, I am now a renowned author and power blogger. I have over 1 million followers just from my blog alone. I don’t even remember how many Twitter and Facebook followers I have (3.25 million followers). I have sold twice that much in e-book sales, mass books sales, sales from movies adapted to my book. My schedule is full with book signings tours, interviews and various speaking engagements. And now that I’m breaking into writing lyrics for famous musicians I could not be any happier with my accomplishments. It’s not just the money(not that being the highest paid author is a bad accomplishment) that makes me proud, I knew I had it in me to be “great” to achieve my goals, my dreams, I have never felt so fulfilled.

Then I heard a hand clapped two times. My sister, standing in front of me, holding my Starbucks® uniform in her hands, “Time to stop dreaming princess, it’s time to make the donuts or in this case the scones.”

“You’re such a dream-kill”

“Just get your uniform on, the public awaits for your brilliant work”

“Bite me!!”



You only do good work when you’re taking risks and pushing yourself.

~Sally Hawkins

I decided to take the risk and submit a very short story to Writer’s Digest Your Story Competition, I had to respond to this prompt: Write a short story, of 750 words* or fewer, based on this prompt: You come home from a relaxing vacation and realize you have the wrong suitcase.

And so this was my attempt:
“How could I have picked up the wrong bag?” “Where are my beautiful expensive clothes?”

Leslie sat down on the bed, put her elbows on her knees, her face in her hands and started to cry while looking for something to throw. Her eyes briefly met with her cat, Arnold, who was looking up at her while lying on the floor next to the chaise lounge.

“No I can’t throw the cat.”

She rips off the towel from her wet hair and begins to pace back and forth a few feet from her bed. For a moment she stood in the middle of the floor, her wet body wrapped in a bath towel, just staring into space. It was if she was frozen by a sudden ice storm that has struck only her room.

“This is unbelievable!”

She phoned the airline and told the representative about the situation.
“Nobody called to say that they have the wrong luggage, but you can return the
suitcase you mistakenly picked up at the airport’s lost and found.”

Leslie was frustrated by the response, she did not mean to be rude, but she pushed the button and abruptly ended the call.

“No one is going to return my suitcase; it had very expensive clothes in it.” “Ugggg, how could I be so stupid?”

She could not sleep; she just sat on her chaise lounge next to her window and stared outside unto the streets. Her anger was stewing making her more bitter and distraught. In the morning her neighbor came by to ask about her trip. When Leslie opened the door she looked disheveled. An intense smoke was hovering above her head and a strong stench was coming from the house.

“What the hell happened?” her neighbor asked.
“I’m in hell!!”
Then Leslie slammed the door in her neighbor’s face.



I stirred around in bed, unable to peacefully sleep or rest my mind

a cool breeze awakened me but it seemed I was still in a daze, then I an image of her then felt captured inside a dream. I felt the warmth of her hand gently touching my face, her fingers lightly combed through my unruly hair, her voice so soothingly calm as she whispered in my ear; “It’s all right, everything is all right, I’m okay, I’m safe.” the words resonated in my dreams as I felt myself drifting to sleep, her hands continued to ease me. Her hands were warm as the sun and soothing as the ocean water. I continued to hear her words of comfort throughout the night, consoling my racing thoughts. I began to dream about her, my friend, she and I sitting on tires floating down the river bank. Playing at the beach, in the sand, taking walks in the park and riding our bikes through rugged trails.

When I awoke, feeling fresh from what seemed a long, enduring dream leaving me feeling serene. Then I remember seeing her, my friend that is no longer here.

Change is around the corner

On a weekend evening my close friends and I had dinner at a Chinese restaurant. It was a wonderful time, spending time with friends, laughing and reminiscing about the good times we use to have. We had dinner at the most popular Chinese restaurant in the city, it was a good thing reservations were made, instead of sitting down and eating we would standing and waiting in line along with people who were standing outside staring at us. Everyone was finishing up their meals, drinks and desserts I was beginning to feel sorry that this evening was about to end. Everyone would be going back home or wherever. The waiter brought us the check and fortune cookies.  After the check was paid, everyone read his or her fortune, which always contains inspirational and meaningful messages, then it was my turn. My fortune read; “Change is around the corner.”

I needed this because I have been depressed and feeling hopeless. Having to read such a positive message cheered me up quite a bit not to mention spending time with friends instead of alone with the cat. Although I love my cat. So we all said our good byes outside the restaurant door and went our separate ways. The inspiring message I read from the fortune cookie played in my mind I began to look forward to new and refreshing things. I walked alone down the street on my way to the bus stop, smiling along the way. When I turned the corner I fell into a deep ditch.

I guess that’s what was meant with a change was around the corner.

Uninvited Guests

This is in response to a Daily Prompt: You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.

So I’m giving this a try and here we go:

It has been a long day. Unruly, crazy, and psychotic customers. Stupid co-workers. The lunch from the street cart that had me visiting the bathroom periodically. The subway being stuck in the tunnel for several hours. It felt good to finally be home and all I thought about all day was that devil’s food chocolate cake my best girlfriend gifted to me for my birthday. This what kept me from snapping out on people and the reason I’m not in cuff and chains spending a night or two in jail with a woman name Sally. When I came to my front door and inserted the key I realized the door was unlock, “Did I forget to lock the door, oh dammit just what I needed, I hope I wasn’t robbed.” I slowly entered the house and hoped no one would hit me in the head with a bat or worse. I took a look around and everything seemed in place. “Whew!” I shut the door, locked it and skipped to my kitchen with my mouth watering for that delectable chocolate cake. Then to my surprise a couple, who I do not know, were sitting at my kitchen table eating MY cake!! “Excuse me!!  “How the hell did you get into my house and what nerve you got eating my cake…this is devil’s food cake…good cake…my girlfriend brought this for my birthday?”

Their mouths were full, but the guy started to talk.

“This is good cake.” “We live down the street, you know us.”

I just stood in the kitchen doorway looking at them as if  fell off the stupid truck.

“No, I don’t know you.”

This time stupid girl spoke.

“We’re neighbors.”

“I don’t care if you’re my Uncle Charlie and Aunt Marie from  Shacklesville,CA, I don’t know…..”

It was then an idea popped into my head and I smiled. I knew this look briefly puzzled them. But they just went back to eating my cake. I decided to offer to make coffee for them, then they would really think I was being neighborly.

“How would you like some coffee to compliment that cake?’

They smiled.

“That would be lovely.”

I smiled, diabolically of course.

“It would be my pleasure.”

I put some tap water into the glass kettle, put the kettle on the burner and excused myself from the kitchen.

As I left the kitchen I heard him say; “What a nice lady.”

I snickered to myself.

When I returned to the kitchen the kettle start whistling, the wonderful couple was still enjoying my chocolate cake which my best girlfriend brought ME for my birthday. I reached into the upper cabinets, grabbed two glass mugs and proceeded to prepare the coffee.

“All I have is instant coffee”

“Oh that would be great” the female replied.

“Oh haffa I got something in store for you and your little man friend.” I thought to myself.

“How much sugar for your coffee?”

“Two small spoonfuls for both of us.”

I prepared the coffee and brought both mugs and sat them on the table. I smiled at the couple. They were sitting side by side, but I decided to stand near my kitchen counter.

“I hope you enjoy the coffee, I added a little something special for extra flavor”

The couple started to drink the coffee and seemed pleased with the taste.

“Ummmmm, this is good”

“What’s in it?”


The couple looking astonished and in shock, stood up and I quickly escorted them out my kitchen door,  pushed them outside and closed the door in their faces. As I watched them from my door, I saw them walk quickly down my steps, out my backyard and speed walk to their house.

“Don’t mess with me when it comes to chocolate cake!!” I said to myself as I cleared the kitchen table, grabbed a saucer from the upper cabinet, sat down at my kitchen table and started to eat the remaining of my devil’s food chocolate cake that was gifted to me by my girlfriend on my birthday.


I have a request….


“My question to you is this, is there anyone in the entire congregation whose heart is hurting searching for peace and love, I’m talking to you, anyone who is discouraged and burdened, I’m talking to you. I have a request for you, my request that those of you who are burdened, distressed, disillusioned, depressed open your hearts and accept the Lord Jesus as your personal Savior.”

Tanya was sitting, slouched back, in the far back pew, her arms crossed her chest as she glared at Pastor Robinson, she sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Matthew 11:28 says: “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.”

“Hypocrite!!”she mumbled under her breath or so she thought.

One of the parishioners turned around to face Tanya and whispered “Ssssssh!”

“Oh Sssssssh yourself, turn around and mind your business.”

The parishioner rolled her eyes and returned her attention to the preacher.

Tanya became tired and switched her seating position, she crossed her legs and uncrossed her arms and placed her hands on her purse,  her best friend Diane was seated beside her.

“Why you got an attitude with your pastor?” Diane whispered.

“He’s a liar, a hypocrite, a fake, a phony, an eacher.”

“An eacher?” “What’s an eacher?”

“It’s a phony preacher who lives one way in the eyes of the church but lives a completely different life when he’s away from the church.” Then Tanya opened her purse revealing a  hand gun.


“Is that a gun?”

“Gurl, Don’t be announcing to the whole world what I got, what’s wrong wit you?” “It’s just a little surprise for Mr. Preacher man.”

“You’re not going to shoot him, are you.” “What did he do to you, it’s not worth it, please don’t do anything stupid.”

“I ain’t gonna shoot the man, just scare him a bit, teach him that just because he’s an eacher does not mean he’s more than anyone else, he has to die too, MAYBE not today, I’m just going to put a little fear in him.”

“Are you going to tell me what happened?” “What did he do to you?”

“I’ll tell you later….right now I”m on a mission.”

“I want no part of this, I’m out”

“I ain’t ask you to be apart!”

Tanya continue to sit in the pew until almost everyone left the building. The preacher’s assistant asked her if she was okay. She replied she just wanted to be alone for a while and meditate, she would leave before it was too late. When everyone was completely gone she walked toward to the Pastor’s office. Pastor Robinson was still in his office finishing up on some notes. As Tanya approached closer to his office she pulled out the handgun from her small purse. Pastor Robinson was so busy that he did not notice that Tanya entered his office with her gun drawn and a finger placed on the trigger. She walked quietly until she reached the back of his head where she pointed the pistol. He did not move, he was startled.

“There’s no money here” “I have a few dollars in my pocket.”

“I don’t want your money” Pastor Robinson noticed the voice.

“Tanya!!”  He kept his eyes forward.

“Look I’m sorry for the way things ended, I needed to really patch things up with my wife and get my family back together”

“Oh save it, I don’t care about you or your wife, what I care about is that you’re such a liar”

Pastor Robinson hears a click. Thoughts are racing in his head and he becomes fearful.

“It’s… It’s the truth”

“You a damn lie” “I saw you…repeatedly with Sister Cynthia having lunch, then kissing Emma Young in the parking lot, then walking, holding hands with Sister Peggy in the park, you think someone stupid.”

“You’re stalking me!”

He hears a second click. His heart started to race fast. He wanted to try to take the gun from Tanya but gave it a second thought considering her frame of mind.

“Tanya put the gun away, let’s settle this…”

“It’s settled bitch, you said you would not have any more affairs, no more flings, no little rendezvous, but I see you still mucking around and lying…you’re such a liar”

He hears a third click. Sweat begins to pour from his brow.

“Tanya please….he whined”

“I have a request for you…..Call upon the name of Jesus to have mercy on your soul.”

There was a final click.



I found love

I was swooned and I could not understand the reason why. Was I impressed with the essence or style?  What caused me to be mesmerized? That one night, I found love or it found me. It happened at a jazz club I visited on a night I felt so lonely and confused. The music that came from this club was inviting and intoxicating. I reached the club, the building left me with the feeling of warmth, upon entering I was charmed with the ambiance of this place. It was dark, upon each table sat tea candles, the mood was laid back and relaxing. It was not crowded but throughout the club there were couples who seemed they were fascinated with each other. Seeing this made me more depressed. But I decided to enter anyway. I scoped out the place looking for a table secluded from everyone. I just wanted to observe–be alone, I needed to think–to breathe. Watching every couple as they laughed, seemingly in love and deeply involved with each other.  I became more depressed and looked away. The server came to my table and took my drink order.

I looked all around further checking out the style of this place. The tapestries that were mounted of the wall was black velvet and purple chiffon scarves hung daintily from the brass curtain rods attached to the walls. The layout of the club was simple. The tables and chairs were placed around a small dance floor and even smaller staged. A small bar was next to the stage. This setting arrangement was clearly for couples only.

The server returned with my drink and then that’s when it happened. The stage lights came on. The lights were dimmed to match the nightclub’s atmosphere. The audience started to prepare for the nightly performance of a featured jazz band. Then the lead singer stepped onto stage, dressed all in white ; white pant suit, white shirt, white shoes and white gangster style hat. I began to admire this singer, with the style of a 1940’s musician,  I stood up because I was mesmerized. I moved to an unoccupied table closer to the stage. I had to get a closer look of this person who was so suave and debonair. This singer whose speaking voice had depth and sexiness. And as this singer crooned with smoothness and sultriness, I was entranced. I became engulfed with the singer’s charismatic style. The words from the song and the seductiveness of this singer’s voice made my heart swooned, seemed like this singer was personally singing to me, allowing me to feel the heartache. I was captivated and seemed like the singer knew. I stared in fascination as the singer seemed to be singing to me. I felt we were both hypnotized. We exchanged a moment of blushing and “enticing” smiles. I was saddened once the show ended, I just knew in my heart that this moment of connection was only an act. Then when I looked up this sultry singer stood by my table and asked me to dance. I blushed, I was surprised. We held hands as we approached the dance floor. I felt admiring eyes upon us.

There was another band on stage playing slow music. We danced very close, our motions so deliberately slow that time seem to have paused just for a moment. We were dancing ear to ear I can feel the warmth coming from this singer’s breath. I was in a trance-almost orgasmic. I have not felt this way for any man but to feel this way for a woman was exhilarating.

We slow danced a little longer, my head resting on her shoulder I felt the tempo of her heart along with the rhythm of excitement from mine. Then we kissed. I’m armored, I began to feel embarrassed, being aroused from this gentle passionate kiss from a woman whom I was beginning to adore. So she kissed me again so “intensely” then she held onto my hand, letting it go as she walked away.

I’m left standing alone on the floor mixed with feelings of loneliness and allure.

Love have found me if only for one night.

I kissed a woman and I liked it…was that all right?