I Resolve to….

It’s already that time of year again. The New Year’s Resolution!  I’m not one for the “New Year’s Resolution.”  What does resolution really mean anyway?  I believe in making constant efforts in improving myself. Everyday I try to think more positive. I’m always reading positive affirmations, I admit reading inspiring affirmations can get overwhelming, sometimes I wonder if I truly believe in these sayings, but  a couple of things I have learned to do; one is to find one thing to which to be grateful, it could be simple such as being able to see the sunrise or being able to drink one cup of coffee, the other thing that I have learned is to do one thing or task that will make happy, this is usually easy too, sometimes it’s petting my cat, but mostly it’s taking photos of various scenery (Sometimes my cat can get quite ornery so I have to find some other thing to make me smile).

I would like to become a better writer. Everyday I make efforts to write something other than my to do list (which seems to get longer and longer, but I’m not complaining, really).

I do set goals, sometimes unrealistic like publishing a novel in 2 or 3 months, I don’t think is an obtainable goal for me, but it is a goal I would like to accomplish someday, but not 2 or 3 months. I’m always working on improving time management and I admit, sometimes I come very short in accomplishing this goal. But I am particularly proud that I’m making a conscious effort to read more often. I have created a Good-reads account to help me along with achieving this goal. Last year I was a bit too ambitious, I had set a goal of reading 70 books by the end of the year, well maybe it wasn’t too ambitious, I did come close, I read 60 books, not so bad. This year I set a goal to read 40 books, I’ve come short again, I’ve only read 27 books. Does the fact that some of the books I read were really large books of 400 pages or more? Okay…it’s just an excuse.

I do think setting goals are essential part of life, but I believe these goals should be realistic and obtainable. I think that we should be easy on ourselves, it’s okay for our goals to change, to be revamped, or “canned,” it doesn’t mean that we have failed, and so what, it’s okay to “fail,” as long as we don’t give up on life.


You Are Worthy


Life is too short to constantly be around negativity. Negative “energy” can drain you, make you become stress and depress, who needs that, life is stressful and complicated on it’s own without other people bringing you down.

So instead of hanging around people who complain often, gossip about others, talk down to you and make you feel bad about yourself, let them go, search for people who lift you up, bring inspiration and wisdom.

Treasuring Yourself

You are searching the world for treasure,
but the real treasure is yourself.


I am trying to read often as I can. I have to admit, sometimes I get distracted with television, wanting to be on Facebook  Twitter, or even wanting, needing to take a nap. Some books that I have read have useful, meaningful or inspirational quotes. This quote above came from a book I read, it could had been one of the poem books from Rumi or another author, I also so this quote from another blogger, Michelle’s Heart Song, while reading some blogs.

The true treasure, true love is yourself,  you need to appreciate yourself, love yourself as you would a gem, an expensive piece of jewelry. You are worth more than any material item that you can purchase. This does not mean you should be conceited or arrogant, it just means that you should accept yourself, truly appreciate yourself for who you are. When you love yourself, love being alone with yourself, comfortable with you and who you are, you can help others without the having expectations, have better relationships with friends, families and partners, enjoy life, and pursue personal and professional goals with confidence and success.

Monday’s thought




“Today I will be too  calm for worry, and too strong for defeat. Today I will believe anything is possible, I will walk through fear without hesitation. Today I will stand for something. Today I will make a difference.”


This quote is on a refrigerator magnet I brought from a store. I thought it would be a good idea for me to purchase refrigerator magnets that have inspirational messages printed on them with the goal of boosting my self-esteem and confidence. The goal was for me to read these messages on a daily basis, I’ve been slacking on this goal and it’s time for me to get back on track. I just wanted to share this quote and the idea that “popped” into my head. Every once in a while my mind comes up with a good idea and this was one of them (I don’t get too many).





You can choose to stay miserable or unhappy, or you can take steps to improve your mood, to change your mindset, make yourself happier. Being sad creates stress, why add stress to your life, be happy as much as you can, do the things that make you smile, laugh, things that bring joy to your day and joy to your life.

The Greatest Love of All

I usually try to respond to daily prompts. This prompt was in the beginning of this month which was “Powerful Suggestion” the goal was to take one piece of advice you wish someone had given you five, ten or many years ago and this is my response:

At my fifth grade graduation we sung “The Greatest Love of All.” I don’t think any of us took the words of the sung too seriously, all we appreciated was moving on to the next grade and embracing adolescence, however, when I was in high school I did take the opportunity read the lyrics to the song.  I understood them, but did not believe in them.

I wish someone told me long ago to accept, believe, and love myself. I’m sure if my self-esteem was stronger, then my choices in men and the way I allowed them to treat me  would not had happened.

By loving myself I no longer feel the need search for approval, acceptance, or the feeling of fulfillment especially from men. I accept, respect, love and honor myself.  Anything I do is to benefit me, my sanity, peace and happiness. I don’t allow people, especially men to mistreat me, either a person accepts me for who I am or if not, move on. I don’t regret those pass unhealthy relationships because through them I’m now a much stronger person.  I have learned to appreciate myself, cherish life and not take anything for granted.

Self love is a powerful and rewarding suggestion. It’s the way toward peace and happiness. I do offer acts of kindness, but I put my needs first, it’s important to take care of me.

So with that in mind here’s the song to which I listen and words I absorb.





Happiness is…

We like to make a good impression. We strive to be accepted by others because it matters how other people think of us. Having this mindset is not good because it can cause us to do whatever we can in order to please others instead of ourselves. We can’t always please one person yet alone everyone we know, therefore, we become overwhelmed, stressed, depressed or even angry. When it comes to living our lives to the fullest our happiness matters.

The key is to stop trying to please others just to make them happy. What matters is that we accept, appreciate, and love ourselves. Everything else in life will happen for us in time. This does not mean that we ought to be mean to people, we just have to realize that our peace of mind and happiness matters. When we allow others to control the way we feel or our happiness it affects our total well-being. We need to do those things that brings happiness and peace into our lives so that we can live the most happiest and healthiest life we can live.