I can’t wait to wrap my fingers all around you

feeling your warmth against my skin

I begin to imagine

how you will taste once you touch my lips

savoring your sweetness

awakening the spirit of every pore of my tongue

I just can’t wait to relish you

allow your heat

to awaken me

inspire me

warm me

my cup of coffee….

can I get a refill?



This poem is in response to a challenge


In this challenge the aim is to choose five words out of ten to create a poem, a story, journal entry or

however these words may inspire you, the purpose is be creative and inspire the art of writing or creativity.

So this is my attempt….


…these past few days, I’ve been feeling grim

missing you

wanting you, needing you


I began clinching the sides of my long skirt

bringing it up pass my thighs

I feel myself conspiring for your love

and tenderness

although you are no longer here

your spirit remains

you fragrance tickling my soul, every part of my body

all of this

evocative of those many evenings we spent together

in sin

Preacher Man

knocking at my door

standing there,lustful at my doorstep

after 1am

(by the way, how’s your wife?)

with my eyes tightly closed

and those tempting, delicious


feelings rising between my thighs

I’m left questioning

when will I receive impunity for these


these feelings

of the Mr. Preacher Man?

For You

What I want to do to you

I want to shred you to a hundred-thousand pieces

until you no longer exist

that is what you did to me

ripped away every strip of my soul

shattering my spirit

What I want to do to you

I want to seduce you

make you lust after the beauty of my body

letting you explore every curve

kiss your lips so passionately

build you up

to want more

than I leave

walk away

and let you fall

the way you use to

boost my hopes and dreams of forever being your forever mate

of reaching for the heavens

only to leave me


back to earth

killing me, my hopes, my dreams, my self

What I want to do to you

Forget you

My Ode to You

I just purchased new furniture and already the relationship between my cat and the new furniture has turned out to be (and possibly will be for a long time) a struggle. This is how I imagine my cat is feeling. Note: This is not a picture of my cat or furniture.

You and me

we’re not going to get along

you think you can come into MY house and just take over

that is where you are wrong

you think you are going to win

but I’m plotting my revenge

I have to spend my days and nights

“pinned” to my room

and you, MY FRIEND reap the benefits, the joy of


but just wait

my day will surely come

where you will be defeated

and I’m the one

who has won.

(game on).

Your Essence


I walk up to you

touch you

feeling you

loving the way you feel as I run my fingers across your spine


feeling every texture

as I hold you in my hands

I have this desire to embellish in your scent

my mind wanders as I began to wonder

about your past

all others holding you in their hands

feeling you

caressing you

enjoying you

people may think I’m crazy

that I may need to be committed

maybe I do

but I don’t care

there’s nothing compared to your essence

when I open you

I see your antique style

discoloration of pale yellow, slightly brown

very vintage, well aged, historic

the mustiness of your aroma

you are stale, but yet fresh, crisp

at least in my mind

I hold you

feeling your “skin” against the skin of my face

your essence tells a story