It was if time froze and the silence was chilling as she stepped through those church doors and began walking down the aisle, her pace was slow and deliberate, she held her head low, sneaking looks as she passed by each pew. She was all dressed in black, a long laced transparent gown with a small trail, an equally long sheer chiffon veil, but she wore bright red lipstick. It was if she was dressed for a funeral, considering her “life style” maybe she was, ours.

All prayers, the choir singing hymns, the organist, the priest, just stopped to watch her as she finally approached the alter, knelt, and seemingly mumbled what was some sort of prayer, the question was was it a prayer or some sort of curse. After “reciting” a brief prayer she performed the usual ritual of crossing her heart, she turned around facing the congregation and gave a shy smile, or was it a smirk.

She walked just as slow and purposeful up the aisle as she did walking down. All eyes focused upon her movements as she paraded up the aisle and out those church doors.




I try to participate in challenges as often as I can. Suzie81speaks offers a weekly word challenge, this week’s word is: Travel. Once again the idea is to be creative. I’m choosing to write about my favorite mode of travel when I’m  going out of the state of Pennsylvania, so here is my attempt:

I’m choosing question #8. What is your favorite way to travel?

If there was any mode of transportation I would choose for traveling it would be by train. It could take me days (well may that’s extreme exaggeration) to reach my destination and I would not mind because I’m so scenery driven. It doesn’t matter if it’s miles of pastures, farm animals, landscape, mountains, hills or the rural sites of houses, street lights, businesses, clothes hanging on lines and graffiti, I get joy from watching just about any type of scenery. It’s relaxing and some scenes are breath-taking, it leads opportunities for me to take pictures, come up with ideas for a short story or a poem, to write in my journal and to imagine what it would be like to live life in another town or state. I can get lost in the moment watching the scenery as the train speeds by. Although I may be aware of other people aboard, I can get so consumed with this mode of travel that it feels I’m the only one aboard the train.

Many people don’t have the patience for riding a train, I don’t have the patience for flying in an airplane. I would choose to fly if my destination is far away, but nothing compares to riding a train to my destination.

To Aspire

Here is another attempt at this week’s Daily Post Challenge, I promise I won’t do another, unless I make a list of broken promises (just kidding). Here’s my second attempt: Enjoy!

They aspire me but yet I envy them. To be able to write and awaken emotions, causing one to ponder, to cry, to laugh, to fear, or just to shake your head, if only I could have the skill with words to create poetry in motion like my favorites Maya Angelou, produce thought-provoking pieces like my poet laureate Langston Hughes, the ability to spark imagination like Stephen King, or have a whimsical style like Shel Silverstein, but I also enjoy: Sylvia Plath, although at times her poems can be quiet depressing and Edna St. Vincent Millay, ee cummings,daring writing style, I dream of a voice like Nikki Giovanni,Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Sonja Sanchez, Paul Laurence Dunbar, James Weldon Johnson, Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Frost, Pablo Neruda, and Rumi,just to name a few, there’s no apparent order, I just like their poetic style, it would be like poetic justice for me to be able to write, create, play with words in their style.

Few of my Favorite Things

This the Daily Post is challenge entails creating a list. The key word is creating. List is just what it is a list of things which could be bended into the creation of a short story, poem, narrative poem, even a list poem. It could be a daily list of things we need to do, want to do, or even a bucket list.

I’m always up for a challenge (well maybe not always) this is my attempt at this week’s challenge: Enjoy!

Kitten faces

An older cat love


Writing (poems, short-stories, blogging, journal)

although it could be quite painful at times…this is literally


it’s warmth and glow


although they don’t love me


although they could be quite a pain at times (it’s in their nature)


lots and lots and lots of it

Watching the moon and the stars

Reading Books

almost anything, trying to come in agreement with romance novels (this should be fun)

Watching anything comedy

as long it’s in pure taste

Sitting in silence (my thoughts and me) watching nature (whatever that may be)

at the park, near the lake, at the beach, near the ocean, watching a glistening creek


oh did I say reading

Blue (my favorite color)

Jazz (my favorite music genre-no surprise there)

Earth Wind and Fire (my favorite group)

Stevie Wonder (my man, not literally)

Najee (my favorite jazz man, this was really hard)

Milkshakes (my favorite non-alcoholic drink)

Sangria (my favorite alcoholic drink)

and pizza (the food I can’t live without)

even though my digestive system suggests otherwise