Haiku me



The crisp coolness lulls

peacefulness overwhelms me

and dreams protect me.



Your bone-chilling nature
leaves me feeling distant and all alone
you are away but still I wait




Early in the Morn

Sweet softness in my face

bring warmth to my morning

commanding to be fed






4 thoughts on “Haiku me

  1. Hi…I love haikus, also, although I just started writing them. My blog is brand new, first post was yesterday (6/2). I’m using the Writing 101 daily prompts to get it started, and today I used haiku to write my description. If you’re interested, here’s the link (if I’ve done this right):

    I thoroughly enjoyed your haikus, especially Early in the Morn,…and your photos! I live in the high Rockies (at 10,000′) and take hundreds of pictures, but I’m just now learning how to post text on my blog, so it’ll be a while before I post pictures (it took me a couple hours to get the ‘header’ picture for my blog posted).

    I’ll be watching for more haikus!

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