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There are two large trees growing in the alley way in my back yard…these trees are broken and have to come down. So “we” (neighbors) live with these trees until they are cut down. It’s apparent that the trees and nature rules.

this posting is in response to a photo challenge: Nature


A Walk in the Park

For me taking a walk in the park is more than a search for a peaceful moment, it’s a time for me to connect with myself, enjoy the moment, just looking at the scenery absorbing a moment of peace, a moment without thinking about anything.


It’s also a time for me to indulge in photography. This is a hobby I’m beginning to enjoy, it is now a part of me. I’m hoping writing will become a part of me as well. Writing and photography seems to be a perfect match. What better way to get fulfillment by taking pictures of Earth’s beauty and writing about it.

I like walking through parks because I’m always surprised by what I see especially since I’ve taken a “liking” to photography.


I was taken away by this large tree that sat on the edge of the river bank. I love trees and certain large trees are intriguing to me.

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