The state of Pennsylvania is an abundance of beauty. One of which is this alluring creek that runs along Sullivan and Lycoming Counties. Loyalsock (Lawi-sahquick) creek is about 60 miles long and is located in Forksville PA of Sullivan County. It’s name comes from the Indigenous Peoples of Americas (American Indians, South Americans, Colombians, etc.) and it means “Middle Creek.”  If you love nature just one look at this beauty body of water the feeling of peacefulness and calm will overcome you.

Loyalsock Creek Sullivan County PA

When I’m in view of nature I’m in a moment of reflection, I don’t think about anything in particular, this is just a time to relax and appreciate the beauty of the Earth and how much I take life for granted.

How about you? Do you like nature? What happens when you are at the beach, around the ocean, or at the park or forest? Do you reflect or you at peace? Let me know.

Here are more pictures of Loyalsock Creek.

loyalsock14 loyalsock12 loyalsock11 loyalsock6 loyalsock9 loyalsock5 loyalsock4

Forksville PA, USA

Forksville PA, USA



More than just a Park



Almost every city has it’s eye sore and beauty. Philadelphia is not alone. Traveling throughout this city you will see areas of abundance, thriving and plight. You will also see beauty one of which is historical Fairmount Park. Over 8,000 acres of landscape, hiking and bike trails, and millions of trees, this land rests on the banks of the Schuylkill River and extends through 60 neighborhoods through out the city including the metro area of Philadelphia.

Fairmount Park has many aspects including; Boathouse Row which hosts major regattas, Philadelphia Zoo, the beautiful azalea gardens, museums, two large outdoor amphitheaters, the Japanese Tea House and cherry blossoms and historical buildings. The existence of Fairmount Park began during what the period of the Centennial Exposition of 1876 which was the World Fair celebrating the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. A lot of planning and construction went toward this event. Buildings were constructed to exhibit the arts and manufacturing products.

So when you are traveling throughout Philadelphia, whether it’s Center City Philadelphia, University City/West Philadelphia or the Northeast you will see parts of this beautiful park. Each area has its own element; tennis courts, playground, hiking trail or picnic space. This is one stretch of the city that make Philadelphia proud.











Beauty Exists

We should try to find the beauty in everything although sometimes we have to really search to find at least one alluring quality. I’ve always wanted to go to the beaches of Hawaii, Tahiti, or Aruba, but maybe I’ll get there someday, until then I have to go where I can afford and that place is the Jersey Shore.

The sands are not snowy white or bright blue but it does have its benefits. When I go to Atlantic City I still get that magnetic pull I imagine I would if I were at Fuji at least I think (one never knows in these situations).

I love scenery, especially spacious scenery, therefore I love taking pictures with sand, ocean and the “lovely” sea gulls.



atlantic city4 atlantic city8 atlantic city7 atlantic city6 atlantic city2


Lovin’ the Beach

Now that it’s spring I can’t wait to go to the beach. The closest beach to me is in New Jersey. I usually go to Atlantic City. I like going while it’s not too warm and the water is cool (It’s usually cool in the evenings anyway). During this time the beach is so much at peace and no crowds. I don’t like a crowded beach. I’m a little selfish. I like to think the beach is here, just for me. I can truly experience the relationship between me, the ocean, the sand, even the seagulls (I don’t care for them much).

Not everyone will experience the same feeling. I can feel the ocean just calling me, sorry, don’t mean to sound poetic but that’s how the beach/ocean feels when there is no one else around. Every photographer, professional or a novice like myself, has an attraction to what makes him or her happy. And photography is about making yourself happy. It’s therapy so that you don’t have to choke someone.