To Believe or Not to Believe

“Oh no!, not again.” I say this every time my son watches “The Ghost Hunters” which airs on the Syfy channel. I don’t believe in haunting spirits or ghosts that linger around “us” being unable or unwilling to leave this world and embark on a “new” journey. My belief is that once “this” life is over “we” embark on a new journey (whatever that journey may be). My son, however, believe in ghosts. He believes spirits linger on because of an inability to let go of past life or revenge. We all are entitle to our beliefs and opinions, I don’t try to change his belief, just state my opinion, this often lead to a great debate.

For those that are not familiar with the program “Ghost Hunters,” it is a reality documentary about the paranormal that airs on the Syfy channel. Paranormal investigators, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson inspect reports on reportedly haunted places. I enjoy the historical aspects of this program, every place, every building has an interesting past. I am fascinating to learn about the former “life” of these historical landmarks and older homes. 

This is one reality show I don’t seem to mind watching because it’s educational not merely “entertaining.”  I don’t agree with the concepts (paranormal activity) and am aware there are many people who believe in lingering and haunting spirits, I’m not trying to persuade anyone’s belief or opinion toward a different direction, I just happen to really like this particular reality show.

My son likes almost all reality shows, he is entitled to his likes, dislikes, and opinions, now that he is eighteen I don’t try to influence his likes, dislikes, or beliefs unless there seem to be an apparent danger, I allow his opinions and beliefs to be formed by living his life, the way it should.