Curb Appeal

DSC01247 DSC01248

Nature has created it’s curb appeal

attractive to my eye

life is surreal



I’ve been spoiled. This winter has started out pretty mild, at least in my city, there has not been too many very cold days. In fact it has been very warm almost reminding me of early summer-late spring, bright sunny days. There were days which were cool and breezy but still did not have the “personality” of winter. There have been days that were cold, but not freezing until January hit and then BOOM I’m reminded that this is really winter season. It’s been freezing here, icy cold, well maybe not icy cold, not quite yet, but it has been freezing cold, temperature in the teens, and we all know how “harsh” teens can be.

Anyway I have to deal with reality, very cold temperatures, almost freezing, hoping the weather won’t be compared to last year’s weather with the “Polar Vortex” what a memorable experience that was. It’s been snowing and of course what comes after snow, ice. Now is the time for me to get serious, prepare my mind for the persona of winter: harsh, unrelenting, unforgiving.