What’s behind a door

sometimes the world will never know

it’s a mystery

a secret

curious minds


yearning to know a thirst to reveal

opening a universe of knowledge

like Pandora’s box

**I’m linking this post to another blog I visited. This post was also in response to a photo challenge: Door.

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Just peeking through

been waiting to say “Hi”

been closed up

all tight

in a cocoon


seeing you, finally

I’m ready to bloom

ready to experience

a life anew

just peaking in to say “Hi”

wanting to say

your brightness, soulfulness

makes me smile

Finder’s Keepers

DSC02942 DSC02943 DSC02944

that’s tacky…they said…you don’t know where that scarf been.

Oh but look at it…it looks so lonely and it will look so lovely wrapped around my beautiful neck

it’s dirty, all types of bugs been crawling over

we were meant to be…this beautiful scarf and me, it was meant for me to touch, see, and feel against my skin

besides that is the reason God created soap detergent and washing machines