Treasure and Close Up




This poem is in response to a challenge

In this challenge the aim is to choose five words out of ten to create a poem, a story, journal entry or

however these words may inspire you, the purpose is be creative and inspire the art of writing or creativity.

So this is my attempt….


…these past few days, I’ve been feeling grim

missing you

wanting you, needing you


I began clinching the sides of my long skirt

bringing it up pass my thighs

I feel myself conspiring for your love

and tenderness

although you are no longer here

your spirit remains

you fragrance tickling my soul, every part of my body

all of this

evocative of those many evenings we spent together

in sin

Preacher Man

knocking at my door

standing there,lustful at my doorstep

after 1am

(by the way, how’s your wife?)

with my eyes tightly closed

and those tempting, delicious


feelings rising between my thighs

I’m left questioning

when will I receive impunity for these


these feelings

of the Mr. Preacher Man?