Taking Over


The trees in my back yard seem to be taking over my house. If anything is victorious in this scene I would have to say the trees have proven to be a great contender.


My task now is to find a tree groomers to cut down this huge overpowering tree that has chosen to hang out in the alleyway, hopefully this will be its temporary home.


Until I am able to come up with the funds to remove this lovely gigantic and sweeping tree,  it has the advantage of trying to conquer the exterior of my house.


Maybe I should be unfriendly to it and it can go away. Maybe this tree this find hanging onto my house very comforting and pleasurable. I have to admit it does add a little mystery on maybe some eeriness to my house.


But this is also quite embarrassing.


So right now this alluring, lingering, and massive tree remains victorious in conquering the foundation of my home, adding maybe a touch of bizarre mystery to my house. Maybe I shouldn’t really be embarrassed or hide my face in shame.


I will be glad when I can claim triumph and defeat this humongous tree that has taken abode in the back alleyway.


This is in response to today’s daily prompt  from the Daily Post








What’s behind a door

sometimes the world will never know

it’s a mystery

a secret

curious minds


yearning to know a thirst to reveal

opening a universe of knowledge

like Pandora’s box

**I’m linking this post to another blog I visited. This post was also in response to a photo challenge: Door.


the blogging site: https://bopaula.wordpress.com/

Try and Try Again…

I am a glutton for punishment. I’m always willing to try new things especially when it comes to food. I love to eat, but sometimes I need to break the monotony of eating the same foods over and over again. I frequently browse the web or various blogs for recipes, I came across one that I’m “dying” to try. Hey Momma! http://www.heymommablog.com/2015/07/07/mandarin-chicken-salad/ has this recipe for another way to prepare chicken, I get “stuck” when it comes to prepping certain foods such as chicken and ground beef.

This is one recipe I will try very soon. When I try this I will blog about it to let you know and the blogger of http://www.heymommablog.com/   how I did on this recipe, I’m sure the pictures may not be as pretty, but at least I tried. I’m sure I would enjoy the process, my son however may not. He hates it when I try new recipes.