Try and Try Again…

I am a glutton for punishment. I’m always willing to try new things especially when it comes to food. I love to eat, but sometimes I need to break the monotony of eating the same foods over and over again. I frequently browse the web or various blogs for recipes, I came across one that I’m “dying” to try. Hey Momma! has this recipe for another way to prepare chicken, I get “stuck” when it comes to prepping certain foods such as chicken and ground beef.

This is one recipe I will try very soon. When I try this I will blog about it to let you know and the blogger of   how I did on this recipe, I’m sure the pictures may not be as pretty, but at least I tried. I’m sure I would enjoy the process, my son however may not. He hates it when I try new recipes.



I’ve been spoiled. This winter has started out pretty mild, at least in my city, there has not been too many very cold days. In fact it has been very warm almost reminding me of early summer-late spring, bright sunny days. There were days which were cool and breezy but still did not have the “personality” of winter. There have been days that were cold, but not freezing until January hit and then BOOM I’m reminded that this is really winter season. It’s been freezing here, icy cold, well maybe not icy cold, not quite yet, but it has been freezing cold, temperature in the teens, and we all know how “harsh” teens can be.

Anyway I have to deal with reality, very cold temperatures, almost freezing, hoping the weather won’t be compared to last year’s weather with the “Polar Vortex” what a memorable experience that was. It’s been snowing and of course what comes after snow, ice. Now is the time for me to get serious, prepare my mind for the persona of winter: harsh, unrelenting, unforgiving.

To Share is Divine

With this post, I’m participating in a challenge, who doesn’t love a challenge? I’m answering a few fun questions about a few of my favorite things. Answering these questions not only put me in a good mood, but it’s making me hungry too. I can really go for a Hershey’s chocolate bar right now.

There’s nothing better than coffee except maybe an exceptional hot chocolate. The more rich, savory, sweet, chocolatey (and fattening) the happier I am. Although it’s not my absolute favorite drink (non-alcoholic) it is my second indulgence  and there are those occasions in which I really prefer a cup of hot chocolate.

DSC02129 DSC02146

Sometimes I take the lazy route; boiling water in a kettle and a packet of Swiss Miss Cocoa, I add a few touches such as vanilla or almond flavoring, heavy cream, and some candies such as M&Ms, peanut butter cups, Hersey Kisses, or caramel, then I savor the moment. Of course it’s not like buying Dunkin Donuts, Wawa, or even Starbucks, but at least I save a few dollars and I can add my own personal touch.

My favorite toy as a child was the Spirograph. It was a geometric drawing toy used to produce “intricate” curves and designs. I would spend hours with this drawing tools. I use to spend so many hours drawing that my mother had to beg me to go outside to get some “fresh air.” I never really understood this, now that I am an adult I get it, but for me the Spirograph was the best invention since grilled cheese (by the way, don’t ask me to choose my favorite food, it’s an impossible task).

pTRU1-15046702_alternate1_dt spirograph-designs-vector-143669

But, I can say this, if candy factories all over the world were to merge and only one type of candy could be produced of course it would be chocolate, just plain chocolate, no nuts, cereal crisps, creams, jellies, confectionery fillings, exotic or spicy flavorings, just a plain chocolate bar. Yummmmmm.

Every now and then the question comes up…”Would you prefer to have $100,000 now or $120,000 the following year (tax-free). I think I would prefer to have the $100,000 now, I have so much I need to do, mostly going to my house unfortunately, but it would be put to good use, any cash left over, I would take a vacation, I always wanted to go to Niagara Falls.

To close, my mother always told me always be thankful for something. So last week I am grateful that I was treated out for a cup of coffee (no money out of my pocket, except for bus fare). I’m looking forward to cooking a “big” dinner for Christmas. Although I’m not a great cook, I’m not all that bad (at least in my opinion).

Not feeling so jazzy

My girlfriend and I attended a jazz concert on Saturday. The concert was performed by local musicians and students that participate in the Philadelphia Jazz project which is an organization that assists musicians with various needs and also provide concerts that are free or at a low cost to the community.

I advised my friend that the musicians may not as good as some of those that are professional, please keep an open mind. Well I think I was either talking to the wall, a ghost or air. I might as well had been talking  to my cat because everything I had said just went into the blustery wind and blew away because she complained throughout the performance.

In my opinion the concert was not too bad, I certainly been to much better, more organized, more entertaining and I have definitely been to some that were just plain bad, but every now and then it helps to learn and appreciate local talent. After we left all my friend ranted about was getting her $10 back. I asked her what did she expect for $10 and she responded; “Not that!!” Ask a silly question, you’ll get a silly answer. So this is my thought of today.